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Lapis - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

Today’s gem is Lapis. This color pallet is more intense than I typically use. The original is quite vibrant and this whole series has sparked several new directions and techniques for me. If I were not so preoccupied with all the preshow prep I would race back into the studio right now to keep pushing these and see where they take me. I have another solo exhibition in Sun Valley slated for July 2010 so I will be starting new work next month in preparation. For now it’s time for me to step back and examine this new series and take in the visual dialogue. Tomorrows gem: Jade Tree


Margaret Ryall said…
Love those gems. The colour scheme of this one is vibrant and exciting. The blue really sings with the orange/red/brown.
Zappha said…
Stunning work. I like the color intensity. It sings just like an opera.