Über Art

Ah Xian - Cloisonné Bust
The Bellevue Art Museum is currently featuring a show titled, Über Portrait, so I took a day off from the studio this week to see some art and recharge my creative batteries. One of the most compelling works was by artist, Ledelle Moe, (still waiting for a photo image of Moe's work) who creates concrete head forms and sculptures on an enormous scale. Her piece featured in this show is bigger than a VW bug. Click here to visit her website and see amazing sculptures from Ledelle Moe.
Portrait of Madam C.J. Walker by Sonya Clark - Black Plastic Hair Combs

Another large scale piece that impressed me is this portrait by Sonya Clark. It’s made entirely from black plastic hair combs. Fitting material I'd say for a portrait of Madam C.J. Walker. She made her fortune in the hair care and beauty products industry and was the first black woman to become a millionaire.

Sound Suits by Nick Cave - Foreground suit is made entirely of buttons and an abacus face mask
and the back right suit is made out of handbags.
And I can not forget the “Sound Suits” from Nick Cave. These are meticulously constructed “suits” that make there own unique sounds as the wearer swishes back and forth in them. The BAM has a video clip that plays on a loop showing a wide range of Cave’s work in motion. There are only three suites on display so I was a little disappointed but the details on them are amazing with lots of hand sewn embellishments.

If you want to see the suits in action visit this clip: Nick Cave on YouTube.

On the second floor of the BAM is a lovely exhibit of Judy Hill’s work called The Self Transparent, from the Collection of Driek and Michael Zirinsky. Hill combines cast glass and ceramic to create autobiographical figures.

Judy Hill, Sour Grapes, 1994 - Kiln cast glass and raku ceramic 22.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 in. Photo: Harold Wood

And artist Michael Peterson takes wood carving to the sublime with his show Evolution / Revolution. He makes his wood sculptures look like they are made from paper or ceramic.

Michael Peterson , Coastal Stack V, 2008 - 46” x 34” x 30” -  Carved, sandblasted, bleached, pigmented wood.
Collection of the Artist - Photo: Rex Rystedt

The Über Portrait show runs June 16 thru October 18 2009

Judy Hill - The Self Transparent runs May 19 to Jan 3, 2010

Michael Peterson’s Evolution / Revolution runs April 9 thru September 20, 2009

Hope you get the chance to see some of these talented artists work!


New Works In Progress

Detail from work in progress - full image below

I have been going nonstop in the studio preparing for my November show and the work is coming along nicely. The images I am posting here are all works in progress and will likely be unrecognizable by the time I am done with them. I want to scratch, splatter and distress them a bit but I love it when they are at this unadulterated zen stage.

Not yet titled - work in progress - encaustic - 20" x 24"

Not yet titled - work in progress

My solo show will feature encaustic works, mixed media on canvas and,for the first time, some porcelain works that tie in with the paintings. The ceramics are being fired now so if all goes well in these early stages I will included them – fingers crossed. I am so excited to be expanding into a new medium – scary but thrilling.

Not yet titled triptych - encaustic w/mixed media- 24" x 72"

Detail from above landscape

The jury is still out on this one ?


Supporting The Arts

PONCHO auction donation:
Dream of the Cynara Cardunculus 2009 - Encaustic w/ mixed media 24 x 24

This fall is the PONCHO Annual Invitational Fine Art Auction, Grow Art. It’s a big deal here in the Northwest and an honor to have my work included among the regions top talent. Last week was the preview party just for donating artists and it was held at the Western Bridge in Seattle. It’s a contemporary warehouse exhibition space designed by Roy McMakin and where you'll find the work of a few hundred artists on display salon style.

Public viewing hours: Thursday through Saturday, August 20-22, 12:00PM to 6:00PM. Please visit http://www.poncho.org/artauction.shtml for more information. The art will go up for auction at the gala event, Grow Art, Saturday, October 3, at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.- for ticket information and a full list of contributing artists click here.

This piece was donated by Marita Dingus.
Her work is available at the Francine Seders Gallery.

If artists don’t step up and support the arts than who will? That’s the question I ask myself whenever I am invited to contribute to an arts related charity. While I can’t donate to them all I try to help whenever possible.


Art & Meaning

Detail from Evolution - Encaustic w/ mixed media 2008

Today my work is featured on the Treffinger Daily blog as part of the Art & Meaning project. Katherine Treffinger is the artist behind the concept where she invites artists of all disciplines to share their thoughts on what making art means to them along with an image of their work. It’s a great concept and a wonderful opportunity to get inside the heads of some really talented artists. What would your answer be to the question: What does creating art mean to you? Thanks Katherine for inviting me to participate. Check it out here.


Seattle Art Scene

Last Thursday was the downtown Seattle Art Walk. The dry, mid summer evening was perfect for taking in the local art scene. In the above photo, ceramic artist, Carol Gouthro, stands next to her piece titled Ripe #14. On display as part of a group show at the Pacini Lubel Gallery Scroll down to see additional images of Carol's work.

This group show features work from many of the gallery's amazing artists and I am humbled by the level of talent and quality of work represented. Here are some highlights from the evening... I have a few new paintings up in this show too.

Sanctuary, Alicia Tormey 2009 - Encaustic w/mixed media - 16 x 60

First Light, Alicia Tormey 2008 - Encaustic w/mixed media

Artist, Danielle Bodine, with a few of her mixed media pieces.

More Works by Danielle .......

Tall Transport Ginko Venture by Danielle Bodine

Mixed Media piece by Danielle Bodine

To see additional images of her work click here.

More work from Carol Gouthro...

Details from Carol Gouthro's Ripe #14

Ripe #4 - Carol Gouthro (my personal favorite)

Ripe #3 - Carol Gouthro - ceramic

To see more works by Carol Gouthro click here.

One of the most interesting shows of the night was a two person show at the Shift Collaborative Studio gallery in the TK Arts building.
Artists, Rickie Wolfe and Kamla Kakaria, have come together to create a small but compelling exhibition. It’s worth a look if you have the chance.

Artist, Rickie Wolfe, among her work at the opening of Call and Response

Another show that stands out in my mind is at the Grover Thurston Gallery where they are featuring the work of John Randall Nelson and Marianne Pulfer. I love the naive folk art style of Nelson's paintings but what really makes them interesting is the scale – the actual size of the painting below is 60” x 60”

Falsely Innocent by John Randall Nelson - on display at Grover Thurston

I find it reassuring to see the arts flourishing and buzzing with such intensity. In spite of the economy and really, in spite of most things, art for art’s sake is alive and well in Seattle!