Wax Paper

These photos are a preview of some experimental pieces  I have been working on in the studio...testing out a few small works on paper...

I am calling these paintings my "Wax Paper" series  and I will share some additional  images of these little experiments with you soon.


Visit with Joyce Gehl

This week I met up with my friend and fellow encaustic painter, Joyce Gehl, for my own private viewing of her current solo exhibition at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery. The show titled, Flight of the Caterpillar, features Gehl’s lush and layered photo-encaustics that depict ethereal landscapes and macro views of nature.

Photo-Encaustic by Joyce Gehl.

Detail of Gehl's work showing surface texture.
I was struck by the beauty and texture of her finished surfaces. To fully appreciate the subtleties that make her work so compelling you need to see these paintings in person. You’ll have to hurry though…the show comes down May 2nd. For more information visit Joyce Gehl’s website and the Patricia Rovzar Gallery.

Joyce Gehl at work in her studio.
My afternoon with Joyce continued on and from the gallery show we headed over to TASTE in the  Seattle Art Museum for a delightful lunch and another peek at my show that is still on display there thru June 12th. We then headed back to my studio for an exchange of ideas about studio spaces, working with encaustic and the importance of connecting with other creative professionals. As studio artists we both often work in isolation and as encaustic painters we also share some of the same challenges and rewards that are unique to working with wax. So "thank you" Joyce for the inspiring art-filled afternoon.

I had another artist drop by the studio just moments after Joyce left... but I will share that with you in another post.  Cheers for now...Alicia


Workshop Highlights

Just finished up a 3-Day Encaustic Intensive with a lovely group of artists. One student traveled all the way from New York to participate in the class and everyone had a great time learning how to paint with wax. 

Here's our photo diary of the workshop...

Students exploring in the studio.


detail from student work 
Student Art Gallery
A meaningful collection of work emerged after three full days of painting and the fearless exploration of materials.

Alexis came all the way from New York for this workshop! 

Encaustic painting by Alexis Wheeler

Patty was fearless with her color and master of the landscape.

Encaustic painting by Patty Shelledy

Mike was inspiring, inventive and industrious.

Encaustic painting by Mike Harrison.

Sam is a master with the blowtorch and genius with design.

Encaustic painting by Samantha Slater.

New friends...Patty, Mike, Sam and Alexis!
Thanks all for making it such a joyful experience.

Sharing some of my secrets for special effects.

series of six by Mike Harrison

Hot wax and student work in progress.
If you are interested in taking a workshop please click here to link to my workshop page. Contact me for full details. I look forward to seeing you in the studio!