Time Traveler

Daniel Carrillo poses in front of his work.
A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit photographer, Daniel Carrillo, in his south Seattle studio. Carrillo demonstrated his daguerreotype photo process and shared his techniques with an eager crowd of photo enthusiasts. 

Carrillo shows off a glass plate image during a studio demonstration.
His images remind me of the work of Edward Curtis, another northwest photographer who worked in this region during the late 1800's. Carrillo's work has the grit and intrigue of vintage photographs but they also exude a contemporary confidence.The combination of these characteristics is what makes Carrillo's work so mesmerizing and you can see it in these portraits posted below...

Portrait of Shenandoah Davis by Daniel Carrillo

Portrait of Kiki Smith by Daniel Carrillo

Portrait of Cable Griffith by Daniel Carrillo
More about the artist....
Daniel Arutro Carrillo Lozano (b. 1973) is a self-taught mezzotint artist and photographer.
Born in Mexico and raised in California, he moved to Seattle in 1997. His work has been exhibited in many galleries and juried exhibitions and is now on display at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle.

He is currently photographing members of the Seattle area arts community using the wet collodion method invented in 1851 and the first viable form of photography, the daguerreotype invented in 1839 by J.L.M Daguerre.
Dan Carrillo's work on display at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle.
Installation view of Carrillo's work at the  Greg Kucera Gallery.
Dan making adjustments while I hold my pose.

My very own Carrillo portrait.

Double take!

Me with artist/photographer, Dan Carrillo.
It is always a pleasure to meet talented artists who are so open and generous with their time and expertise. Daniel is one of these people and a super nice guy. Don't miss the opportunity to see his current show up now at the Greg Kucera Gallery through September 29th and visit his website to see more of his stunning photographs: Daniel Carrillo Web Site


Gold Rush

Back in the studio and working on some fun projects after what has been an amazing summer and action packed August. Here are a few photo highlights from last month....

I gold leafed my arm for the encore opening at Grover Thurston. I wanted to wear a big metal cuff and couldn't find one so I painted this on my arm using traditional gold leaf. It was a bit like having a golden tattoo and it was easily removed the next day with a little tea tree oil.

My gold leafed "tattoo".

Showing off my golden cuff at the Grover /Thurston Gallery. 
The following week I had guests in the studio as part of a stock photography shoot for Getty Images. Photographer, Tom Barwick, and his lovely assistant, Brooke, photographed me working in my space. 

Photo shoot in progress...

One of the final images from Tom Barwick's photo shoot.
A few days after these photos were taken I boarded a plane headed for the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was my first visit there and I spent the entire week in the ocean. The reefs provided an abundance of inspiration in color, texture and form that I know will have an impact on my work in the future. I got to swim with majestic sea turtles and learned how to smile underwater with a snorkel in my mouth. Even had the chance to see an art installation by Patrick Dougherty at the Hui No'eau Visual Art Center on Maui.

Felt like a 12 year old kid in the water!

Installation by Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty installation at Hui No'eau.
With bags still packed from Hawaii I jumped in the car and began my road trip over to Sun Valley, Idaho, for an opening of new work at the Gilman Contemporary. Drove through smoke filled highways to get there but was happy to find it clear and beautiful upon arrival.

Smoke painted hills in Idaho.

Driving through a fog bank of smoke on the way to Sun Valley.
Enjoyed a gorgeous evening at the Gilman Contemporary gallery with the Gilman girls and closed out the summer with one last show of the season. Sold a few paintings, drove a few hundred miles and made it back to Seattle just in time for the September art walk.

Me with the ladies of Gilman Contemporary: Casey, Me, Raine and L'Anne
Detail of new work from the Gilman Contemporary show

Opening night at Gilman Contemporary.
Phew...ok...so that's the month in review...I left out the parts with scorpions, sharks, flea markets, festivals and reunions. I hope your summer has been an adventurous one too! Starting up some new projects now and preparing for my next show in February 2013 at the Chase Young gallery in Boston.  Stay tuned for some photos of new work in progress.