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Crafting Your Artist Statement: L@5 8/24/18

Crafting Your Artist Statement
Tips for writing the perfect artist statement so that your statement is as compelling as your artwork! This is a recap of pointers shared on Live @ Five, catch me live on Instagram every Friday at 5pm PST.

Think of your artist statement as an introduction to you as an artist and your current body of work.Don’t tell people what to think, share what the work means to you, not what you want it to mean to somebody elseIntroduction vs instructionWrite to someone who doesn’t know you or your workKeep it simple and use accessible language that is not too technical and will not exclude anyone regardless of their exposure to the arts With your artist statement you are adding another layer to your art, so tell the story behind your work It is an opportunity to explain things which aren’t evident through just seeing, such as your process, materials, inspirations, etc. Explain your visual language through written language, use your words to help viewers understand wha…