Studio Update

It's been a long hot summer here in Seattle and things have been heating up in the studio as well. I want to share with you some highlights from a special project that's been in the works.

My friends over at Shep Films have been busy creating an Artist Profile video that features me working in the studio. The film is in the final production phase now and will be available to view soon. I can't wait to share it with you.  It was a very exciting (looooong) day of shooting but it was so much fun to capture some of the many magical moments that happen during my creative process. Here are a few screen shots and behind-the-scene images…

A look behind the scenes….

Stay tuned my friends...


My (ART) Fair Lady...

Works by Dustin Yellin were on display at the Winston Wachter booth.

Seattle is my FAIR lady! 

The city is still buzzing with energy after what has proven to be a smashing success for Seattle's inaugural Art Fair event. City Arts contributor, Amanda Manitach, has written this amazing recap and follow up article on the Seattle Art Fair.  Below is an excerpt but you must read the full article here: City Arts

…..As we emerge from the whirlwind of the weekend, the collective vibe is too amped-up to objectively assess how successful the fair was in financial, critical and cultural terms. At a party on Saturday night, representatives from Artist Trust were glowing. The proceeds from the Seattle Art Fair patron VIP ticket sales—which were entirely donated to the organization—amounted to $85,000. That number was three times what they expected. A representative from the Office of Arts & Culture gushed when describing his tour of the art fair and Out of Sight with Mayor Ed Murray. “The Mayor only meant to walk through quickly, but he was so impressed he stood up three meetings to spend the next couple of hours walking around, looking at art.” …..read full article here!
This piece by Ivan Navarro was one of my Fair favorites.

The works at the alternative art show "Out Of Sight" showed off the creative talents of Seattle artists. This piece is by Jennifer McNeely

Detail of sculptural work by Jennifer McNeely at the "Out Of Sight" show.

Dustin Yellin: Ant Farm: Mixed Media

Dustin Yellin: Painted Glass Sculpture

My paintings on display at the Hall / Spassov Gallery 
In conjunction with the Fair I had four new works on display at the Hall / Spassov Gallery as part of a Pop-Up show just for the Art Fair weekend. 
Looking forward to Seattle Art Fair 2016!