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New Art Commission

Tranquility 2008 - Encaustic with mixed media - 30" x 60"

I just finished up another large commission piece and wanted to share it. This one is 30" x 60" and is titled Tranquility after what I felt when I first looked into the final painting – see image above. The experience of creating this was so different from past commissions – I often get hung up on the final expectations and that interferes with my creative process. With this one I just allowed myself to flow with the work and I really enjoyed it. The client is happy with the result so I hope my next commission goes this well. I am consciously trying to loosen up and free myself of any preconceptions while painting. I feel I am making progress here but the process of letting go of expectations goes to the core of my artistic journey. I have some new panels started in the studio and the work I am doing right now seems to be focusing on balance. What’s emerging are works that are high in contrast using a lot of …