INScape Highlights

I don’t know where to begin… Last weekend’s opening event at the INScape Arts Building was an overwhelming success. Nearly 3000 visitors walked through the art studios, installations and corridors of the historic INS building. The Seattle Times featured a front page article highlighting the event and public radio station KPLU interviewed many of the participants (including me). This project has attracted some amazing and talented artists and performers who are making their own history and breathing new life into this 80 year old landmark. Too many to list them all but here are just a few worth mentioning:

The image above features dancers from Manifold Motion. The dancers are moving in a room filled with fresh soil. They occupy three spaces on the main floor where they will be performing until the end of November. For performance times and ticket information check out manifoldmotion.com. Scroll down to see more of the art and installations on display.

Artist Jen Mills filled an empty office space with beautiful crystalline vessels made from salt.

Mills' elegant bowl forms occupy the space where my Canadian friend once interviewed for his Green Card application when this was still a functioning INS office.

Up on the second floor artist, Helen Gamble, created an echo of the triple bunk beds that once stood here and accommodated immigrants in the former Chinese Men’s Dormitory.

Gamble installed rows of gauzy fabric that appear to float in the footprints of the old beds and transform the space into beautiful but ghostly barracks.

Across the hall Gail Howard created this powerful piece that spills out of the former infirmary. The overflowing sheets have been carefully knotted and represent the agonizing passage of time and the overwhelming desire to escape into a new life waiting just outside.

The ominous sound of water slowly dripping plays loudly in the background of Howard's installation aptly titled, Patience. The plunking sounds punctuate the idea of the long and tedious wait experienced by many immigrants.

What was once a caged courtyard has been turned into a temporary installation in a sort of "Urban Andy Goldsworthy" piece created by Sam Farrazaino. The bars and cage panels once surrounded the courtyard area to keep the inmates locked in. Farrazaino also happens to be the project manager for INScape.

Here's a  peek into my new studio where I have already begun to work.
Many artists who came through over the weekend have lined up to apply for studio spaces that are still available. I am confident that this will soon be a destination for arts and culture in Seattle. If you missed the Open House I urge you to come by at the next opportunity. Something really special is emerging here. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello - it was wonderful to see so many longtime friends.

Click here for more images from the Seattle Times

South view from my new INSCape studio.

I will do a more in depth Studio Tour posting once I am firmly settled into my space. For more information about the building, available studio space and upcoming events email Sam Farrazaino at farrazaino@yahoo.com or call 206-890-3283.


Open Studio

OPENING EVENT  - this weekend!

Sat OCT 16TH - & Sun OCT 17TH , 2010

Art in the former INS building: sculpture, painting, dance, installation, video, sound, light, apocalyptic golf, live music

Saturday: Noon - Midnight

Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Free Admission

815 Airport Way S. www.InscapeArts.org

For the first time since its opening in 1930, you can tour the entire building, exploring the Passages installations as well as visiting the studios of more than 30 artists working in the building and breathing new life into these spaces.

Amineh Ayyad, Barbara Robertson, Chris Buening, Christian French, Danse Perdue, Demi Raven, Evan Shauss, Gail Howard, Helen Gamble, Jacob Fennell, Ju-Pong Lin, Katy Krantz, Ladan Yalzadeh, Manifold Motion, Meg Hartwig, Meghan Trainor, Michael Lyons, Nickolus Meisel, Romson Bustillo, Sidney Ji, Smash Putt, Sol Hashemi, Tim Marsden and more...

Alicia Tormey, Anthony Weathers, Bonnie Foster, Caroline Kapp, David Robinson, Dept. of Culture, Evan Shauss, George Graham, Jake Zukowski, Jason Pace, Jen Mills, Jennifer Williams, Julie Haack, Katy Krantz, Keeara Rhoades, Lisa Rickey, Lynn Schirmer, Tena Wright, Third Space, Thomas Kolb, Tres Henry, Velo Transit

Live music @ 8pm Saturday
BANDS:The Gargle Blasters, Ashcomb, Phase 3, Prints of China

I hope to see you there - Look for me in studio #108!


Art In Motion


My artwork makes a surprise cameo appearance in the latest promotional video from the Sun Valley / Ketchum Chamber and Visitors Bureau. Scroll down to watch the video and look for images of my work about 25 seconds into the commercial.  I hope it entices you to visit this amazing and magical valley in the Northern Rockies.

My new neighbor in Chinatown!
More big studio announcements...I am moving into a new art studio space in Seattle’s International District. My studio is being renovated right now but I hope to be settled in and working there in a few more days.The building will be hosting an open house and community outreach event on October 16th & 17th so mark your calenders. There will be art installations, performance art and studio tours. I will post all the details next week.

Video featuring my artwork!