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Botanica III

Botanica III - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

Making a departure from the gem series today, I am posting this image from my botanical series. These will also be featured in the November show along with the gems and abstracted landscapes. And like the other work, I created these plant forms as a group of companion pieces. They are my contemporary interpretation of vintage botanical prints. The plant forms themselves are purely fictional and I imagined them as pressings and renderings from the archives of an 18th century botanist.

Image: Hero - Barbara Dunshee - Ceramic 2009

Today I also wanted to direct you over to the blog of ceramic artist, Barbara Dunshee. She has written up an amazing and lyrical blog post about my new work. While you’re there check out her enchanting ceramic work. I especially love her haunting face sculptures and whimsical vessels. I have been lusting after this sculpture titled ,Hero, for months now. Barbara is the ceramic artist who so graciously assisted me with my experimental ceramic forms. I'll share more images of her work and the ceramic forms in a later post.


La Dolce Vita said…
love your botanical encaustic!
Jeane said…
beautiful work! looks like you are right across the water - I'm in PT