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Giving Thanks

Robert E. Marx. The Red Bishop, 2009.
Oil on linen. 20 x 16 inches. On display now at the Davidson Gallery

As the month comes to a close it means a new rotation of gallery artists will open for the First Thursday Art Walk next week. Before it comes down I highly recommend the November show at the Davidson Gallery featuring the work of Robert Marx. His work is fantastic and has a compelling naive quality to it. My Second Nature show also closes this Saturday so if you planned on seeing the exhibition you only have a few days remaining to see the entire show. Some of my favorite pieces sold so when the show comes down the paintings will be gone to their new homes. For updates on the gallery check out the new Pacini Lubel Gallery Blog.

Robert E. Marx. Shaman, 1986. Oil on linen. 34 x 26 inches.

Living in a state of gratitude is not always easy but this time of year when we are reminded to give thanks I am counting my blessings. These are some of the things that I am celebrating this holida…

Lost Gems

Jadite - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

I was looking through my photos of the gems and discovered a few that I had not yet posted. The image above is one of the lost gems titled Jadeite. What I like is how quiet this painting is but when you examine it closely it has very complex layers. Some areas even appear to be floating and resemble fused glass. Below are a few more gallery images of the gems in groupings. It's been a great week in the studio and several more paintings from the show have sold. This means I'll have new work to share soon.

Gem Grid I - Gallery Installation

Gem Grid II - Gallery Installation

Pay It Forward

"She" - Felted wool sculpture by Robin E. Whiteman.
This year I have had the good fortune of steady art sales so I have decided to spread the “art love” if you will. I am calling it my Pay It Forward Program and every time I sell one of my own paintings I put a portion of my proceeds towards the purchase of another artist’s work. It’s one of those rare but wonderful Win/Win situations. I get to acquire a beautiful new piece of art and support the work of another artist too. The piece I am featuring today is this amazing felted form titled, She, by New York artist, Robin E. Whiteman. Everyone who comes into my home comments on this piece and seeing her just reminds me that we are all connected in some small way. Click here to visit her Etsy shop.

More images of She by Robin Whiteman

Grateful, Content & Inspired

Show title wall featuring Soloist

Pacini Lubel Gallery street view

Me posing with Sapphire Cove

Today I am feeling richly rewarded after several months of hard work. The opening of Second Nature was lovely and I want to say "Thank you!" to all the dear friends who came out on Thursday night to support me. I also want to extend a special thanks to those who traveled long distances to see the show and to those of you who have left me such kind comments here on my blog.

Gallery southeast view

Me posing with the gems.

Many of the little gems have already sold and there is a possible commission in the works. The Seattle Times also ran a blurb about the exhibition and featured an image of my work in the Arts section of the paper. So here I am feeling grateful, content and inspired. The studio beckons and I need to start preparing for my 2010 exhibitions. I will be participating in several group shows starting next spring and I have a solo show slated for July 2010 in Sun Valley at the

Art Opening Tonight!

River Trio- encaustic w/mixed media 2009 - 36" x 36"

Tourmaline- encaustic w/mixed media 2009 - 24" x 72"

Well… it's finally here –Opening Night! Please join me at the Pacini Lubel Gallery for the opening of Second Nature. Tonight, Thursday, November 5th from 6 to 8 as part of the Seattle 1st Thursday gallery walk. This solo show features my most recent encaustic work. I have not seen the final installation so I will be experiencing the show for the first time tonight. Here’s what friend and fellow artist, Barbara Dunshee, posted to her blog about my work:

“I've recently been reintroduced to Alicia Tormey's work. I loved it before and her recent evolution is very exciting. Her new show, opening at Pacini Lubel Gallery November 5th, is called "Second Nature". A great title as her encaustics on wood are nature enhanced to a higher power. Her abstractions are landscape reminiscent but on varying planes of existence, simultaneously macro and micro. A…

Opal, Malachite & Water's Edge

Opal - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

Malachite Field -  20" x 30" encaustic w/mixed media 2009

I have enjoyed posting a daily gem these last few weeks leading up to the opening of my show. Thank you for following and to those who have left such generous and encouraging comments. For today’s post I am also including a few more of the larger works. There are several of these large paintings that will be featured in the Second Nature show but so much is lost when reducing them down to a post-it size preview. I am including some detail images so you can get a better feel for the work. The show opens tomorrow and runs until November 28th at the Pacini Lubel Gallery in Seattle. Please come by and introduce yourself if you are in the area. I will post more work from the show tomorrow

Water's Edge - encaustic w/mixed media 2009 36" x 48"

Water's Edge Detail 1

Water's Edge Detail 2

Corundum & Labradorite

Labradorite - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

Corundum - encaustic/w mixed media 2009

I am featuring two gems today: Corundum & Labradorite. Both stones reflect multiple colors. I think these two are good companion pieces as well. I am feeling the desire to paint today but it's not likely going to happen. I have too much going on with the opening on Thursday and guests arriving from out of town. I really feel it when I am away from the studio. Time spent creating helps keep me centered and I look forward to firing things up again after this crazy busy week. Tomorrow’s gem: Opal


Andalusite - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

This gem series piece is titled Andalusite, after the mineral known for its variations of green. I wanted to create a sense of intimacy in this by framing the view with delicate wisps of grass that I scratched into the surface. There are only a few days remaining now until the show opens this Thursday. It will be the first time all the work is displayed together instead of piled around my studio in various stages of completion. I will post two more gems tomorrow: Corundum and Labradorite


Serpentine - encausticx w/ mixed media 2009

This gem is titled Serpentine. The colors in this piece are reminiscent of the stone but I thought the plant form also suited this title. Yesterday I delivered the rest of the artwork to the gallery and the show will be installed on Tuesday. I am eager to see how it will all come together in the space. I will post lots of photos of the final installation in the coming weeks. Tomorrows gem: Andalusite