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UPDATE: 12 Ways to Motivate an Artist

We all need a little push now and then so I put together this list of tips that have helped me stay motivated and perhaps they can help someone else too…

1. Show Up: This is the single most effective thing you can do to improve your productivity in the studio. Get in there. Even if you are just making phone calls, sorting out your brushes or organizing your supplies. Simply spending time in your studio will get you into the habit of creating. Daily time spent in your studio will improve your productivity.

2. Set Goals: Set goals for yourself and break them down into smaller categories: Long Range, Short Term and Immediate. Example: I am going to paint 5 pieces this month, 2 paintings this week and prep 1 panel this afternoon.

3. Dress the Part: Put on your favorite work clothes for motivation. I have a great pair of funky old shoes (see photo) a beautiful scarf and a paint-encrusted smock that make me feel super creative the moment I slip them on. Discover your power outfit and wear it w…

Opening Highlights

Wow…it has already been a week since the Sojourns show opened. 

After months of long hours laboring over this body of work it was such a joy to be surrounded by so many friends and followers. The gallery was at capacity for most of the evening. I'm still buzzing from all the love and enthusiasm from that night. Thanks to all you wonderful people who ventured out. And for those of you who longed to be there in spirit here are a few more snapshots from the event…

My profile video, Organic Alchemy, played all through the night projected onto the gallery wall. It was a great way for people to see my process and saved me from having to explain my methods to those unfamiliar with encaustic painting. 

This is one of my favorite pieces in the show titled "Playground". The colors are so vibrant in this one.

These three botanicals look so great stacked together…hope they all go to one home. Would be a shame to break up the family. 

"Diva" found a new home!