Field Specimens

If you ventured into one of my landscapes this is what you might come back with: An exotic botanical specimen to study, catalogue, and press between delicate sheets of wax paper. This is how I imagined it anyway as I created a few of these mythical plant forms for the Forces of Nature show. Below are more new images and the large triptych landscape mentioned in my last entry. I will share some additional photos of the exhibition once the show gets installed next week. The first image above is Botanical I - 24” x 24”. Below in descending order: Elements - 36” x 48”, Lapis Vista - 20 x 24 and Carnelian Vista I, II and III shown as a triptych. You may need to click on the image for a full view.
Elements - Encaustic - 36" x  48"

Lapis Vista I - Encaustic - 24" x  20"

Carnelian Vista I, II & III - 36" x 120"


New Horizons

Here’s a little preview of a few paintings that will be in my upcoming show. This body of new work has been inspired by my memories of living in the Idaho mountains. These last few months have been one long painting marathon but I always break new ground and make good discoveries when I work this intensely before a an exhibition. And now the count down is on and my Forces of Nature show opens in a couple of weeks at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley. The image above is titled River Bank III and below is a detail from a piece titled, Elements. The red landscape is Carnelian Vista 1, the first of three panels that make up a 3’x 10’ triptych that I will feature more of in my next post.

Detail from Elements, 36 x 48 encaustic 2010

Carnelian Vista I - 36 x 36 - Panel 1 of 3


Living Large

Creative chaos. That’s what my studio feels like at this moment. I am painting like a whirling dervish to finalize all the work that will be part of my next solo exhibition. A large portion of it will feature oversized works like this 3’ x 10’ triptych that I am finishing up today. I am also including a 6’ x 6’ piece that’s comprised of nine panels. I’ll start posting more art images as I wrap up in the studio. The show, Forces of Nature, opens at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, Idaho July 2 - Aug 1, 2010.

Large 3' x10' triptych in progress.
Gem Vista 2010

Botanical diptych 2010

Gem Vista Detail 2010