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Cool Pool

In the lobby of the Henry Art Gallery sits an inflatable plastic pool filled with water that’s being circulated by an electric pump. Floating on the water’s surface are dozens of porcelain bowls in varying sizes. As the bowls are caught up in the swirling current generated by the pump, they gently collide into one another creating random chimes as they clank their way around the pool. The effect is like being in a Tibetan monastery during some kind of sacred bell ritual. This temporary yet ingenious installation is the work of French sound artist, CĂ©leste Boursier- Mougenot. If you hurry you can still experience this for yourself. The pool will be on display until September 26th and you can find more information at Below is a video clip of a similar installation created in 2009.

Another big stand out for me from this month's gallery walk is the John Grade installation at Davidson Galleries. He first caught my attention at a Bumbershoot exhibition a few years ago. Th…