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Crafting Your Artist Statement: L@5 8/24/18

Crafting Your Artist Statement
Tips for writing the perfect artist statement so that your statement is as compelling as your artwork! This is a recap of pointers shared on Live @ Five, catch me live on Instagram every Friday at 5pm PST.

Think of your artist statement as an introduction to you as an artist and your current body of work.Don’t tell people what to think, share what the work means to you, not what you want it to mean to somebody elseIntroduction vs instructionWrite to someone who doesn’t know you or your workKeep it simple and use accessible language that is not too technical and will not exclude anyone regardless of their exposure to the arts With your artist statement you are adding another layer to your art, so tell the story behind your work It is an opportunity to explain things which aren’t evident through just seeing, such as your process, materials, inspirations, etc. Explain your visual language through written language, use your words to help viewers understand wha…

Materials Master List - L@5 7/27/18

Hey! Thanks for joining me over on Instagram for Live @ Five. Here is the materials list that I recommend for you, you don't need everything at once but do refer to this as a master list of all the materials you could need. You can also visit the resources page on my website or my Amazon page to see images and prices for these materials.

Equipment and Materials Checklist

1 standard fire extinguisher/1 or 2 Tundra aerosol fire extinguisherStrong electric fan1 box disposable Nitrile glovesMetal fire-safe wastebasket with lidSheetrock - 2 or 3 pieces of 2’ x 2’ sheetrock to cover work surface and create burn zone.Griddle, skillet, or hot plate - should have a 200 degree F temperature setting visible.Griddle Surface thermometerBernzomatic TS3000 or TS3500 torch and one standard propane fuel cylinder.Flat-bottomed tins/foil pans to hold melting wax - minimum of 4 foil ‘mini-loaf pans’ for clear and white medium and 6-12 4 to 8 oz tins for colored encaustic paint.Spring clamps: 2 x 2” an…

Troubleshooting and Materials - L@F 6/22/18

Here are the show notes for the latest... 
InstagramLive @ Five
Original Broadcast: June 22, 2018

Thank you for taking time out of your busy, creative life to join me on Instagram each Friday for Live @ Five!

This week's episode was driven by your amazing questions so please keep them coming. DM me your questions and discussion topics to@AliciaTormeyover onInstagram.

First, some general housekeeping and announcements...

Time Zone Chart
I get a lot of questions each week about when Live @ Five goes live in various countries around the world so my team created a handy chart to help you figure out when to tune in based on your time zone:
SharingLive @ Fiveon other platforms
Instagramhas just released a new featured called IGTVOn this platform Instagram users can create their own channel and share video content longer than is allowed on regular Instagram.I will be sharing some Live @ Five highlights on my IGTV channel @AliciaTormey, so be sure to check it out.Last week's Live @ Five "…

Passion to Profession: L@5 6/8/18

Here are the show notes for the latest 
InstagramLive @ Five
Original Broadcast: June 8, 2018

"I want to paint full-time, how do I go about turning my art into a profession?" 

This great question, submitted by one of our viewers, formed the basis for the June 8th broadcast of
Live @ Five.

Here is the show recap!

From Passion to Profession... 

The most important thing to do in order to turn your Passion into a Profession is to start thinking of your studio/creative endeavors as a business!
Develop a long-term plan for where you want your creative efforts to take you.Continue generating your art/offering and commit yourself to creating a meaningful body of work.As you're building up your portfolio you also need to set aside half of your time to growing and marketing your business (yes, I said 50% of your time).Really take it seriously and think of your work as much as a business as it is a creative, artistic practice!
These are the 4 key elements I recommend you have in place if you…

Live @ Five Show Notes 6/1/18

Here are the show notes for the latest 
InstagramLive @ Five
Original Broadcast date: June 1, 2018

Thank you so much for watchingLive @ Five! If you missed the show, here are some of the topics and questions I went over during the broadcast along with some links and images to go along with the information.

Where do I sign my artwork, how do I sign, and what is the best way to sign an encaustic painting?Multiple options; on the back, on the side, or on the front by scarring and filling with oil or with carbon transfer paper or with some type of stamp.Signature doesn’t have to be visible.When you find a way that works best for you then stick with it and be consistent; sign all your work the same way (with a few exceptions). I don’t like to sign the front because my signature is big, loopy, and graphic, so I usually sign it on the back with a sharpie, but not until I feel like the piece is ready to go out of the studio.I add the year it was made and occasionally also the title of the piece.So…