Please join me this Friday, October 2nd for the opening of my solo show: SOJOURNS

Opening Reception: Friday Oct 2 from 5pm - 9pm
Hall | Spassov Gallery
Bellevue WA
Click here for gallery directions and info 

Here's a little preview of the works that will be on display …

Alicia Tormey - Daydreamer  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 20 x 30 

Alicia Tormey - Carnivore  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 12 x 12
Alicia Tormey - Grace  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 48 x 36
Alicia Tormey - Dreamscape  2015- Encaustic w mixed media -12 x 12


Organic Alchemy: Video Released

Hello dear friends…the long awaited video is now officially released. 

Organic Alchemy: Studio Visit with Alicia Tormey

You can also view it in a larger format on my website : AliciaTormey.com or my Facebook page
Thank you for watching! 


Studio Update

It's been a long hot summer here in Seattle and things have been heating up in the studio as well. I want to share with you some highlights from a special project that's been in the works.

My friends over at Shep Films have been busy creating an Artist Profile video that features me working in the studio. The film is in the final production phase now and will be available to view soon. I can't wait to share it with you.  It was a very exciting (looooong) day of shooting but it was so much fun to capture some of the many magical moments that happen during my creative process. Here are a few screen shots and behind-the-scene images…

A look behind the scenes….

Stay tuned my friends...


My (ART) Fair Lady...

Works by Dustin Yellin were on display at the Winston Wachter booth.

Seattle is my FAIR lady! 

The city is still buzzing with energy after what has proven to be a smashing success for Seattle's inaugural Art Fair event. City Arts contributor, Amanda Manitach, has written this amazing recap and follow up article on the Seattle Art Fair.  Below is an excerpt but you must read the full article here: City Arts

…..As we emerge from the whirlwind of the weekend, the collective vibe is too amped-up to objectively assess how successful the fair was in financial, critical and cultural terms. At a party on Saturday night, representatives from Artist Trust were glowing. The proceeds from the Seattle Art Fair patron VIP ticket sales—which were entirely donated to the organization—amounted to $85,000. That number was three times what they expected. A representative from the Office of Arts & Culture gushed when describing his tour of the art fair and Out of Sight with Mayor Ed Murray. “The Mayor only meant to walk through quickly, but he was so impressed he stood up three meetings to spend the next couple of hours walking around, looking at art.” …..read full article here!
This piece by Ivan Navarro was one of my Fair favorites.

The works at the alternative art show "Out Of Sight" showed off the creative talents of Seattle artists. This piece is by Jennifer McNeely

Detail of sculptural work by Jennifer McNeely at the "Out Of Sight" show.

Dustin Yellin: Ant Farm: Mixed Media

Dustin Yellin: Painted Glass Sculpture

My paintings on display at the Hall / Spassov Gallery 
In conjunction with the Fair I had four new works on display at the Hall / Spassov Gallery as part of a Pop-Up show just for the Art Fair weekend. 
Looking forward to Seattle Art Fair 2016!


Fair Weather...

It's ART season here in Seattle! The inaugural Seattle Art Fair opens this evening with a preview party at the CenturyLink Field Event Center (WaMu Theater), and the fair runs through Sunday, Aug 2nd.  

This means a jam packed weekend for art lovers awaits with numerous art happenings coinciding with this main event. Too many to mention here so I am including a link at the bottom of this post.  

In conjunction with the fair I will have new work on display for this weekend only at the Hall Spassov Gallery in Seattle. Below are the images that will be up from Friday thru Sunday only (July 31 - Aug 2). 

Codex - encaustic, shellac,oil - 24 x 48

Blue Tide - encaustic, shellac,oil - 24 x 48

Wanderer - encaustic, shellac,oil - 24 x 48

Courageous - encaustic, shellac,oil -48 x 24

Fair Dates/Hours/Locations/Satellite Events: Click Here to see the listings in The Stranger


Studio Update...

Hey there...I hope you are enjoying this amazing summer so far!

I have spent most of this season hunkered down in the studio enjoying the long sunny days that spill into my windows and light up my workspace. 

Work-in-progress for my upcoming show at the Hall /Spassov Gallery
There has been a lot of painting and preparing going on here as I get ready for my next solo exhibition coming up this October. (see info below)

"Sojourns" opens  at the Hall / Spassov Gallery in Bellevue, Washington this October. Come check out this gorgeous "jewel box" of a gallery and see what I've been working on all summer.  Here are the deets…..

Hall Spassov Gallery presents:
New Encaustic Works by
Alicia Tormey
October 1 - 31

Join Us for the Opening Reception
Friday, October 2nd
5pm - 9pm

Hall Spassov Gallery
800 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 150

Bellevue, WA 98004


Open Studios at Inscape...

Inscape Arts Summer Open Studios
Sunday, June 14, 2015
Hours: 1pm to 6pm
(Visit Studio #118 if you want to see what I have been up to.)

More details here: Inscape Arts on Facebook


My Process...

Since I first encountered encaustic over 25 years ago I have watched it grow from an obscure ancient painting method to a widely popular and recognized fine art medium. 

With interest in encaustic continuing to expand, I receive daily inquiries from other artists about my painting methods and techniques: How do you do it? What materials are you using? Will you teach me how? ... and so on. I truly appreciate it when people reach out and I feel quite honored that so many of you seek my advice about encaustic. 

Detail from Carnival Vista - Encaustic w/mixed media - 24" x 48" -Alicia Tormey 2015

Here are some very informative links on the subject of encaustic that you may find helpful:

As for my own work:  I have painted exclusively with encaustic for the past 15 years and my work is known for the distinctive surface patterning and web-like textures that appear in all of my artworks. The most common misperception about my art is that it is entirely based on materials and process alone. But there is much more to it than some secret recipe or technique. It's the pure act of painting combined with my commitment and intention as an artist that allows me to obtain the final results that make my work unique. 

My secret ? : The truth is... I labor over each and every painting to achieve my signature imagery. I find it ironic…that it takes a lot of very hard work to make a painting feel effortless and even more hard work to create something that is truly singular and distinctive. 

My advice to inquisitive artists:

Experimenta lotand make room for play... and your voice will find you!

Wishing you all the best. 
Cheers! ~ Alicia


Really Wild

Boston Globe art critic, Cate McQuaid, reviews Organica show. . .

Read her article below...

Wild, Dreamy Images
At Chase Young Gallery, Alicia Tormey’s “Gaudium.”
 Alicia Tormey makes pictures. Wild, intoxicating pictures with jewel tones, spatial complexity, abstract passages, and giddy motion, which are now on view at Chase Young Gallery. Looking at them is a less contemplative process than looking at work by Lipsky and Tollens. Likewise, they are rewarding in different ways.
What Tormey has in common with those two painters is a commitment to technique. She mixes beeswax, ink, and shellac, and builds her images, in part, with a blowtorch. The ink, it appears, makes the picture; layers of wax add the illusion of distance. The heated shellac bubbles and threads, creating an organic overlay that crawls over the surface, and frames the color beneath like a stained glass window.
The artist’s floral pieces, such as “Sublimus” and “Gaudium,”are hardly still lifes. In these fierce blooms, delicate strands and wisps of jewel-like color streak like silk in the wind. They’re fiery — if fire were purple, green, or gold — and seem held together by those delicate bubbles caused by the blowtorch.
Those flowers come at you, all along the surface. Tormey’s landscapes recede dreamily into soft hazes. “Kaleidoscope” depicts a river delta fading into a pearlescent distance. The deep brown web of shellac over pale green delineates the land. Three slender ribbons in the foreground bring us right to the surface.
Alicia Tormey’s “Kaleidoscope.”
If we were looking through binoculars, these ribbons would be hairs in a lens. They’re that close, and they make the space of this landscape appear impossibly grand. With a technique that leans toward gorgeous, it’s easy to go too far. Most of the time, Tormey’s tones, lines, and her attention to detail work to her favor.
At: Chase Young Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., through April 30. 617-859-7222
Published in the Boston Globe on April 8th, 2015
Here's a link to the full article: Boston Globe



New works will be presented in Boston at the Chase Young Gallery in April.

My solo show, Organica, opens April 1st and runs through April 25th. I will be attending the opening reception to be held on Friday April 3rd from 6pm to 8pm. I welcome the opportunity to meet you so please come by the gallery and say hello.

Here's a little preview of some of the pieces that will be in the show…

Jasper Vista by Alicia Tormey, 12 x 12, Encaustic  2015
Kaleidoscope by Alicia Tormey, 12 x 12, Encaustic  2015

Organica II by Alicia Tormey, 12 x 12, Encaustic  2015

 Working on a large scale piece for Organica

Alicia Tormey at work in the studio

Alicia Tormey at work in the studio


Winter Show

Two of my latest encaustic works will be on display this month at the Chase Young Gallery in Boston. The show runs Feb 4 - 28 with an opening reception on Friday, Feb 6.  In April the gallery will be featuring a solo show of my work and I plan on attending the opening reception on April 3rd.  Please come by and say hello if you find yourself in the Boston area. I look forward to seeing you there!

The piece featured above is  titled Rare Earth , encaustic w/ mixed media, 12" x 24" and below is Aventurine, encaustic w/mixed media , 24" x 24". 


Out with a BANG!

So much good stuff right now…
I received notification that I will be awarded a grant from Artist Trust. Ive been selected for a: Grant for Artist Projects otherwise known as a GAP Grant. Feeling very honored to be recognized in this way from such a wonderful organization as Artist Trust. Here's the mission statement and link from their website:

Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. To accomplish its mission, Artist Trust raises funds from an array of sources in order to:
Give financial grants, through a peer review process, to individual artists working in the visual, performing, media, literary, and interdisciplinary arts;
Serve as a professional information resource for artists and encourage artists to support each other; and,
Provide recognition and support for the contributions artists make to the lives of people of Washington State and for the merit and integrity of artists' work. artisttrust.org

Indomitus: Untamed wraps up at Hall | Spassov Gallery

More good news….
This month began with the opening of my solo exhibition, Indomitus: Untamed,  at the Hall/Spassov Gallery. As the show comes to a close this week I am happy to report that it was nearly a sell out. The few remaining works will be on display as part of a group show in November that focuses on artists working with encaustic. 

So honored and flying high on all this good news. Wishing you a splendid fall and hope that amazing and good things rise up to meet you. Thanks for reading. Cheers ~ Alicia