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Solstice at the Equinox

Last night I attended the Annual Open House event at the Equinox Studios  located in the south Seattle industrial area known as Georgetown. Even the torrential rains did not keep art enthusiasts away and the place was packed. The studios here are filled with some very talented folks in a wide range of creative disciplines. One of my favorite aspects of the evening was the poetry readings. The first took place on an improvised platform appropriately called the Fork Lift Stage

FORKLIFT POETRY included poems read by: Kim Ionesco, Deborah Henry, Richard Lemmert, Greg Bem, M. Anne Sweet, emcee - NIGHTSHIFT POETRY included poems read by Sasha Goodwin, Alex O. Bleecker, Paul Nelson, Jack Remick, M. Anne Sweet, emcee

Because the Equinox building is located in a heavy industrial area it's studios are well suited to artisans working in more rugged art forms such as blacksmiths, sculptors and custom fabricators.  One metal worker caught my eye because who could resist picking up…