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Materials Master List - L@5 7/27/18

Hey! Thanks for joining me over on Instagram for Live @ Five. Here is the materials list that I recommend for you, you don't need everything at once but do refer to this as a master list of all the materials you could need. You can also visit the resources page on my website or my Amazon page to see images and prices for these materials.

Equipment and Materials Checklist

1 standard fire extinguisher/1 or 2 Tundra aerosol fire extinguisherStrong electric fan1 box disposable Nitrile glovesMetal fire-safe wastebasket with lidSheetrock - 2 or 3 pieces of 2’ x 2’ sheetrock to cover work surface and create burn zone.Griddle, skillet, or hot plate - should have a 200 degree F temperature setting visible.Griddle Surface thermometerBernzomatic TS3000 or TS3500 torch and one standard propane fuel cylinder.Flat-bottomed tins/foil pans to hold melting wax - minimum of 4 foil ‘mini-loaf pans’ for clear and white medium and 6-12 4 to 8 oz tins for colored encaustic paint.Spring clamps: 2 x 2” an…