Witness Tree

I have been painting night and day these last few weeks as I finish up the work for my upcoming show, Trespassing,  that opens in only 9 more days.The painting featured above is titled Witnesses and is based on the surveyor's term: Witness Tree. This refers to the trees close to a section corner. The surveyor blazed them and noted their position relative to the corner in his notebook. Witness trees are used as evidence for the corner location. I think it sounds like poetry. This show is inspired by the idea of crossing defined boundaries in an attempt to discover new territory so some of the work is titled after survey and land use terms.

Work is starting to pile up in the studio.
Several very large-scale encaustic works will be featured in this show and I hope you’ll join me at the Pacini Lubel Gallery for the opening event on February 3rd from 6 to 8. Once I wrap up all the art and finish my pre-show details I will share some additional work images and post my artist statement.

Detail from Witnesses - Encaustic on panel - 48" x 48"


Art in Costa Rica

I am just back from a magical holiday retreat to Costa Rica and I feel compelled to share some of the amazing modern art I discovered in the capital city of San Jose. One of my stops was a  visit to the Costa Rica Museum of Art where they allowed me to photograph a few of my favorite images. This museum is housed in what was once the country's first airport and the works are focused on the contemporary art of this charming Central American country.

In this photo you can see the control tower that was part of the original airport and is now home to the Costa Rica Museum of Art
The collection is small but rich and enticing and well worth the trip. I gravitated toward these soulful portraits all created by Costa Rican artists over the past century. At the top of this entry is a detail from a larger work created by Fernando Carballo Jimenez in 1980 titled ,Custodia, and is my favorite piece in the collection. Below are several other works and I hope I successfully translated all of the artist's names because everything was presented in Spanish. Enjoy the works and if you want to learn more visit CostaRica.com 

I was drawn to the outsider folk-art style of this piece painted by Leonel Gonzalez Chavarria in 1994.
Full view of the work featuring the detail above.

This was made in 1989 from recycled cardboard.
The artist is Roberto Lizano Duarte.
Luisa Gonzalez Feo de Saenz painted this lovely portrait in 1936.

This was done in 1931 by Francisco Zuniga Chavarria.

This is a detail from a much larger painting.
I was unable to get the artist info for this one but had to included it.

Lake Nicaragua on the Left - Puget Sound on the right.
As we approached San Jose airport I captured this image of the beautiful aqua green coastline of Lake Nicaragua with my IPhone. I was thinking of inspiration for a painting at the time. On our return flight I snapped the photo on the right of Redondo Beach and the Puget Sound. Later I was amused by the yin yang of these two images. Arriving...departing... returning... Now I am ready for a fresh new year and wishing you all the best that  the New Year can bring! Cheers!