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High Fiber

The sumptuous fiber-based sculptures of Cameron Mason are the feature of Soft Earth, a solo exhibition of Mason’s work opening at Foster/White onApril 7th - This show combines two of her distinctive forms: Blades and Cotyledons.

"The Cotyledons series examines the energy of growth as it bursts forth from the stasis of the contained seed. Shaken from a packet and pushed into damp soil by a child’s finger or planted by the million by an industrial agribusiness, the seed is an essential building block of culture. A fragile miracle of nature, the seed sprouts and feeds the hungry" says Mason.  
She goes on to say..."The Blades series explores shape as a metaphor for human interaction with the natural world. Obsidian, fractured into faceted shards from solid stone, creates a sharp, cutting edge. Hoes till and reap. We can focus on a single blade of grass in the expanse of a field for just a moment before it is lost among the many.
 In conjunction with this exhibition Cameron…

Artists for Japan

Dear friends: Like you, I watch in horror and disbelief as the unimaginable events continue to unfold in Japan. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to help... please let me direct you to Artists For Japan. This is a fundraising project headed up by five artists and art lovers on behalf of the many Seattle artists with connections to Japan.  If you are an artist you can donate your work. If you are looking for a way to help you can purchase original works of art knowing that 100% of the proceeds will go to aid our friends in Japan. I have donated these two encaustic paintings  along with a small gem painting. They will be available for purchase at Kobo at Higo in Seattle's International District. Please help if you are able. Thank you friends!


OK friends… the show at TASTE is officially installed… the opening reception is tomorrow night from 5 to 6… and there is a new drink concoction on the menu: The Tormey Weather! Come find out what’s in this creative cocktail and join me at the Seattle Art Museum for a very happy hour at TASTE.


Cave In!

Ooh la la…The Seattle Art Museum is opening a new Nick Cave exhibition!

SAM presents: Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth. The show opens March 10th and promises to be quite fantastical! I have long enjoyed the playful inventive works of Nick Cave and you can read a little more about him from a Blog post I wrote in 2009. The show will be up from March 10 to June 5 - Check out the SAM for more details. 
In the spirit of the Nick Cave show, the SAM Gallery is featuring an exhibition called Transformations also opening this Thursday, March 10th. Featuring several wonderful artists who recycle, re-purpose and reuse discarded materials to create their artwork.
While were on the subject of the SAM… a reminder that my show at Taste Restaurant opens next Wednesday, March 16th! For a fun art-filled evening pop in for a cocktail and then head up to the Nick Cave exhibition! Sounds like a perfect evening of art to me!

SAM Gallery at TASTE

This announcement just popped up in my In-Box so I guess it’s officially time to spread the word. Hope you can join me at the TASTE restaurant for a brief opening reception on Wednesday, March 16th,from 5pm to 6pm.

Taste is located in the Seattle Art Museum and the interior space is beautifully designed making it a great showcase for artwork. Drop into the opening reception for a cocktail and the opportunity to talk with those who support the arts. RSVP: 206-903-5291.