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Since I first encountered encaustic over 25 years ago I have watched it grow from an obscure ancient painting method to a widely popular and recognized fine art medium. 

With interest in encaustic continuing to expand, I receive daily inquiries from other artists about my painting methods and techniques: How do you do it? What materials are you using? Will you teach me how? ... and so on. I truly appreciate it when people reach out and I feel quite honored that so many of you seek my advice about encaustic. 

Detail from Carnival Vista - Encaustic w/mixed media - 24" x 48" -Alicia Tormey 2015

I have taught many workshops in the past and just resumed teaching. For a list of current classes please visit my workshop page at: Alicia Tormey Workshops 

Here are some very informative links on the subject of encaustic that you may find helpful:

As for my own work:  I have painted exclusively with encaustic for the past 15 years and my work is known for the distinctive surface patterning and web-like textures that appear in all of my artworks. The most common misperception about my art is that it is entirely based on materials and process alone. But there is much more to it than some secret recipe or technique. It's the pure act of painting combined with my commitment and intention as an artist that allows me to obtain the final results that make my work unique. 

My secret ? : The truth is... I labor over each and every painting to achieve my signature imagery. I find it ironic…that it takes a lot of very hard work to make a painting feel effortless and even more hard work to create something that is truly singular and distinctive. 

View a bit of my painting process here: Organic Alchemy Video

My advice to inquisitive artists:

Experimenta lotand make room for play... and your voice will find you!

Wishing you all the best. 
Cheers! ~ Alicia

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