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4th Annual Encaustic Invitational.

Alchemy 2008 - encaustic with mixed media - 24" x 24"
I am honored to announce my acceptance into the 4th Annual Encaustic Invitational for 2009. The show is hosted by the Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, Arizona and runs March 7 – 28. I will have two pieces in the show including the painting above titled , Alchemy. I also learned today that my work has been accepted into another juried encaustic show sponsored by the Haydon Art Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. What an encouraging start in this year of the Ox. Needless to say, I am feeling very inspired and hopeful at the moment. I am hosting a little print workshop in my studio next weekend so It's time for some Spring cleaning before I can receive visitors. I'll post some images of the studio and new work soon.

Optimistic 09

It’s a brand New Year and 2009 sounds so futuristic to me. I feel very optimistic about what lies ahead this year despite the dire economic predictions. I have a solo show slated for November at the Pacini Lubel Gallery and several more group exhibitions throughout the year. At the very least it will be a productive and creative 12 months.

I posted the photo above because the number nine ties into the year of 09 so neatly. I did this painting several years ago but it is uncanny how it has predicted the year ahead. I have been focused on the pod and cocoon forms and they will be featured prominently in much of my new work.

The cocoon dress forms I mentioned in my last post are evolving into some really interesting pieces. I am working on these today and will post some of my results this week.

Wishing you all a PEACEFUL, PROSPEROUS and INSPIRING New Year!