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Inspiration... it's just a little teaser from the studio but I can't wait to share more of these images with you as the work unfolds. The finished paintings will be on display in April 2012 as part of my next solo exhibition at the Pacini Lubel Gallery.

In the mean time...I am shining the spotlight today on collaborative artists, Aparna Rao and Soren Pors. They use technology to create interactive works that are ingenious and humorous. My favorite is the installation called Pygmies. Watch the video below to see how this playful piece reacts to sound. For an explanation of this and more works by the high-tech duo check out the TED Talks presentation too.

View more work from Pors and Rao in this TED Talks video...

May you also be inspired...

Giving Thanks

Feeling grateful today for the abundance that surrounds me on so many levels. Thank you to my family, friends and supporters for enriching my life, giving me inspiration and encouraging me to always move forward. May you all have much to be thankful for in your lives.

While I am on the subject of gratitude…I also want to thank all of you who ventured out to join us at Inscape for the Open Studios. Thanks to you it was a huge success and a wonderful day filled with art and conversation. For those of you who missed it don’t despair…there will be a Grand Opening for the Inscape building when all the construction is complete. This should be sometime during the Spring of 2012 and I will keep you posted on the details when the time comes.

The images in this post are all details from the painting above. I featured it because it makes me think of abundance. I’ll be posting more from this new body of work soon. Today I am wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving ~ Alicia

Sticky Situation - The Gum Wall

Ok...this is so gross that it's cool. Talk about your sticky situations. A visit to Seattle's Gum Wall becomes an interactive art experience.  For those of you not familiar with this odd attraction it's located in Post Alley just off of the famous Pike Place Market. As you follow the cobble stone street it leads you to one of the city's quirkiest sites, the Market Theater Gum Wall. Here is where you will find the chewy remains of thousands upon thousands of gum wads all stuck to the wall in a fascinating display of gooey glory.  Since 1993 visitors have stuck their chewed blobs of gum to the  brick wall where some parts are covered several inches thick, over 15 feet high and sprawling for more than 50 feet down the alleyway. Its a wonderful example of spontaneous participatory installation art where each visitor adds there little bit and contributes to this growing mass of gummy art.

Artist Spotlight: Julia Haack

In the spotlight today is Inscape artist Julia Haack . Working in salvaged wood she combines elements of design, craft and fine art to create sculptural works she calls “Wall Constructions’. These pieces have the pop of modern art and the familiar patterning of a vintage quilt.

Haack, pronounced Hawk like the bird, creating in her studio.

To see more work by Haack visit her website and  Blog and join us for the Inscape open studios where you can see her work in person. Inscape Open Studios happening this Saturday, November 12th from 11am to 7pm at the Inscape Arts building.

Artist Spotlight: Fred Lisaius

Fred Lisaius is the next artist in the ongoing Inscape Spotlight series.Lisaius is best known for his distinctive depictions of flora and fauna.

  Fred's work is currently on display at the Schomburg Gallery in Santa Monica, California through November 29th. A solo exhibition of his newest work will open in January 2012 at the Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle.
Lisaius had this to say about his method...“Experimenting with ideas and techniques is an important part of my time spent in the studio. I like to apply paint in different ways to see what kind of marks and textures I can achieve with each brush or tool. Sometimes the most beautiful marks are made with the most humble tools.”
"ART" OF JUSTICE...On his studio door you’ll find a creative reinterpretation of the Department of Justice insignia left behind by the former occupants.

To view more works by Fred Lisaius visit his website:
He will have recent work on display during the Inscape Open Studio…

100 Artists & One Ghost

100 artists at the vortex of creativity...Inscape Arts

More artists spotlights on the way...