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Flying Colors...

No time to dye eggs this year...I've been too busy working with color in the studio! Sharing a few images here from a new series that is beginning to take shape. I'm enjoying the excitement of these saturated and vibrant pigments suspended in layers of wax. Some of them remind me of the jewel-toned hard candy my grandmother used to make.

In May, a few of these new paintings will make a cameo appearance at the San Francisco Art Market courtesy of the Gilman Contemporary. More will be on display at the Grover Thurston Gallery during my solo exhibition that opens July 5th, 2012.  In my next post I will let you in on another project that was sparked by this body of work. HINT: You'll see my art on the slopes next winter! To learn more about Alicia Tormey visit and Alicia Tormey on Facebook