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Emerald Pond

Emerald Pond – right panel detail from triptych - 24 x 72 - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

This is a detail from Emerald Pond, one of the four large triptychs that I created for my Second Nature show. See the full image below. Creating this piece was a unique challenge for me as I struggled to find the border between abstract and representational imagery. The chaos of it all is what brings this painting closer to nature rather than the subject matter. Looking at the painting as a thumbnail it seems quite literal but as you move in you can see the flow of the materials, the lines scratched in wax and the wild paint splatters. This is one of those paintings that inspire me to drop everything and walk into the scene. I am looking forward to experimenting with more work like this in the coming months. Tomorrows gem: Fire Opal.

Emerald Pond – triptych - 24" x 72" - encaustic w/mixed media 2009