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Sticky Situation - The Gum Wall

Ok...this is so gross that it's cool. Talk about your sticky situations. A visit to Seattle's Gum Wall becomes an interactive art experience.  For those of you not familiar with this odd attraction it's located in Post Alley just off of the famous Pike Place Market. As you follow the cobble stone street it leads you to one of the city's quirkiest sites, the Market Theater Gum Wall. Here is where you will find the chewy remains of thousands upon thousands of gum wads all stuck to the wall in a fascinating display of gooey glory.  Since 1993 visitors have stuck their chewed blobs of gum to the  brick wall where some parts are covered several inches thick, over 15 feet high and sprawling for more than 50 feet down the alleyway. Its a wonderful example of spontaneous participatory installation art where each visitor adds there little bit and contributes to this growing mass of gummy art.