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Artist Spotlight: Julia Haack

In the spotlight today is Inscape artist Julia Haack . Working in salvaged wood she combines elements of design, craft and fine art to create sculptural works she calls “Wall Constructions’. These pieces have the pop of modern art and the familiar patterning of a vintage quilt.

Haack, pronounced Hawk like the bird, creating in her studio.

This vintage cart holds a load of freshly painted wood.

More brightly colored wood panels stand ready in the studio...waiting to be called to duty.

Here you can see the scale of her work that tends to be large and dynamic.

To see more work by Haack visit her website and  Blog and join us for the Inscape open studios where you can see her work in person. Inscape Open Studios happening this Saturday, November 12th from 11am to 7pm at the Inscape Arts building.


Sam said…
Great man! Thanks for the publication! paint seattle
Kim Carney said…
that makes my mouth water ;)
Alicia Tormey said…
Kim: Hope you get to see her work in person sometime. She does some amazing things with wood. Thanks for commenting!