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Artist Spotlight: Fred Lisaius

Fred Lisaius is the next artist in the ongoing Inscape Spotlight series.  Lisaius is best known for his distinctive depictions of flora and fauna.

Fred Lisaius in his Inscape studio

Fred's work is currently on display at the Schomburg Gallery in Santa Monica, California through November 29th. A solo exhibition of his newest work will open in January 2012 at the Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle.

Lisaius had this to say about his method...“Experimenting with ideas and techniques is an important part of my time spent in the studio. I like to apply paint in different ways to see what kind of marks and textures I can achieve with each brush or tool. Sometimes the most beautiful marks are made with the most humble tools.”

"ART" OF JUSTICE...On his studio door you’ll find a creative reinterpretation of the Department of Justice insignia left behind by the former occupants.

 a pallet of fresh paint sits ready and waiting

A small work in progress perched in the studio
To view more works by Fred Lisaius visit his website:
He will have recent work on display during the Inscape Open Studios Event on November 12th. Still to come...more profiles of the artists who are transforming Inscape.