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New Horizons

Here’s a little preview of a few paintings that will be in my upcoming show. This body of new work has been inspired by my memories of living in the Idaho mountains. These last few months have been one long painting marathon but I always break new ground and make good discoveries when I work this intensely before a an exhibition. And now the count down is on and my Forces of Nature show opens in a couple of weeks at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley. The image above is titled River Bank III and below is a detail from a piece titled, Elements. The red landscape is Carnelian Vista 1, the first of three panels that make up a 3’x 10’ triptych that I will feature more of in my next post.

Detail from Elements, 36 x 48 encaustic 2010

Carnelian Vista I - 36 x 36 - Panel 1 of 3


Flávio said…
my congratulations
I hope we can keep in touch

I really liked the pictures
Joseph said…
your work is amazing!
I'm going to link your site to my photo-blog, if you don't mind ^_^
Anonymous said…
I could live in one of your paintings~