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Field Specimens

If you ventured into one of my landscapes this is what you might come back with: An exotic botanical specimen to study, catalogue, and press between delicate sheets of wax paper. This is how I imagined it anyway as I created a few of these mythical plant forms for the Forces of Nature show. Below are more new images and the large triptych landscape mentioned in my last entry. I will share some additional photos of the exhibition once the show gets installed next week. The first image above is Botanical I - 24” x 24”. Below in descending order: Elements - 36” x 48”, Lapis Vista - 20 x 24 and Carnelian Vista I, II and III shown as a triptych. You may need to click on the image for a full view.
Elements - Encaustic - 36" x  48"

Lapis Vista I - Encaustic - 24" x  20"

Carnelian Vista I, II & III - 36" x 120"


Erika said…
How beautiful - I really like how your work has a certain texture to it. The choice of colors so raw and earthy, I can almost smell it. I especially like Lapis Vista. It looks like a blue dream of some sort to me: the ocean combined with the sky.
CMC said…
Alicia......these pieces are absolutely breathtaking.
CMC said…
Breathtaking work, Alicia.
Anonymous said…
I really wish I could see these in person, they're amazing!
ZenDotStudio said…
such beautiful ethereal creations, balanced somewhere between abstraction, fantasy and the real world. You blur them all! I love the delicacy of your work.