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Living Large

Creative chaos. That’s what my studio feels like at this moment. I am painting like a whirling dervish to finalize all the work that will be part of my next solo exhibition. A large portion of it will feature oversized works like this 3’ x 10’ triptych that I am finishing up today. I am also including a 6’ x 6’ piece that’s comprised of nine panels. I’ll start posting more art images as I wrap up in the studio. The show, Forces of Nature, opens at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, Idaho July 2 - Aug 1, 2010.

Large 3' x10' triptych in progress.
Gem Vista 2010

Botanical diptych 2010

Gem Vista Detail 2010


Zappha said…
These look fabulous. I wish you every success with your show.
Teri said…
These are absolutely wonderful! I wish that I lived closer to Idaho or that I had any time off this summer to make a trip up there to view in person. I can't wait to see more photos. Are your works encaustic or??? Very, very nice. You are SO talented.
I love these new paintings, Alicia!! They are gorgeous......
Mary said…
This new exhibition will be AH-mazing!I am so looking forward to seeing you and your show here very soon!
Joyce Gehl said…
I love these new big boys and can't wait to see them in-person! Good luck with the show.