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Serpentine - encausticx w/ mixed media 2009

This gem is titled Serpentine. The colors in this piece are reminiscent of the stone but I thought the plant form also suited this title. Yesterday I delivered the rest of the artwork to the gallery and the show will be installed on Tuesday. I am eager to see how it will all come together in the space. I will post lots of photos of the final installation in the coming weeks. Tomorrows gem: Andalusite


bridgette said…
Beautiful painting. Wish I could see your show- it will be fantastic.
Jeane said…
this is just beautiful Alicia - maybe I've already said that on flickr, but it was worth saying again :)
Alicia Tormey said…
Bridgette & Jean: Thank you for leaving me such encouraging comments. It means a lot to me and especially when coming from such talented artists like you both.-Cheers!