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Lost Gems

Jadite - encaustic w/mixed media 2009

I was looking through my photos of the gems and discovered a few that I had not yet posted. The image above is one of the lost gems titled Jadeite. What I like is how quiet this painting is but when you examine it closely it has very complex layers. Some areas even appear to be floating and resemble fused glass. Below are a few more gallery images of the gems in groupings. It's been a great week in the studio and several more paintings from the show have sold. This means I'll have new work to share soon.

Gem Grid I - Gallery Installation

Gem Grid II - Gallery Installation


Margaret Ryall said…
They're so beautiful when grouped together or shown alone. You must be a very dedicated artist. I am so lazy about going to the studio. I do it in fits and starts. Congrats on the sales.
Kim Hambric said…
I love seeing them grouped together. Glad to hear the show is going so well for you.
layers said…
your little gems are wonderful-- and shown in grids only make them more stunning. and sales are always nice.
Alicia Tormey said…
Thank you Margaret, Kim & Donna!
These are very beautiful together. Love the feel of nature here!