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Gem Series

Painting detail from the Gem Series

As part of my upcoming solo show I created this grouping I call the Gem Series. They are small, only 8” x 8”, but there will be about 20 of them and each one will be finished in a deep profile black frame. I am hoping they will have a big visual impact as a group. These photos show them in various stages of completion and I plan to add some wispy botanical elements to each one. I am wrapping up some large 72” x 24” landscapes today and navigating around the studio has been a challenge for me with all these large paintings in the works. I love working large so I may have to get a larger studio space. The final art for my November show will be selected next week and then I will frame and photograph everything and post more sneak peeks in the coming weeks.
Studio shot of encaustic "Gems" in progress.
Studio shot of two large encaustic triptych landscapes in progress.


Nancy Natale said…
Good for you taking on such large encaustic paintings! They look great. Good luck with your show!
layers said…
It is interesting how you can go back and forth between large and small-- I am more used to small ones and am trying to go bigger-- up to 24x24 now which is an accomplishment for me.
Alicia Tormey said…
Nancy & Layers - Thank you for commenting. I enjoy working large but it is a challenge with encaustic and very time intensive.
layers said…
I wanted to leave a comment on your latest post but did not see the comment thingie at the end of your post. Just wanted to say that I am very very impressed that you work so large in encaustic because I just did 2 small ones with beeswax on collage and I absolutely can not see doing wax any bigger...very impressed.
Alicia Tormey said…
Hi Layeres - Thanks so much for your comment - not sure what happened to the comments option on my latest post - I will look into it.