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Winter, Wax & Wire

This is the pre Christmas update from snowbound Seattle. Today was the first day in a week we could drive out of our neighborhood. We have a lot of steep and snow-covered roads so it makes for some scary navigation when they are icy. We are expecting another storm tonight so we are stocking up supplies for the next winter blast. All this means I can spend more time creating and not feel guilty about time away from family and friends this holiday season.

Blue Cocoon in the rough stage

Cocoon twins in early progress

Here are a few progress pictures from my cocoon dress project. These are still in the rough stages but I plan on thinning them down a bit more and covering the surface in layers of wax. I hope the power does not go out so I can keep my wax pots hot.

I also wanted to include some of my wire doodles that I mentioned earlier. Some people knit by the fireside and I doodle with wire. The dice are from my husbands’ D & D set from childhood, the beads are prayer beads from a friend and the yellow piece is a super ball. I some times give these as little hostess gifts when we are invited over to our friend’s homes for dinner. For now I am enjoying them as holiday decorations.