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Winter Cocoon

Altered Slumber - encaustic w/mixed media 2008

I have been wrapping up a lot of loose ends in the studio this week. I just finished this pod-like cocoon for a show and wanted to share it. I am going to the opening of my friend Marita Dingus tomorrow at Francine Seders Gallery. I'll try to snap some images to share in my next post. Her work is always interesting and very unique.


steve said…
Gorgeous painting Alicia. This is what i wish i could be right about now but I have to brave the cold very shortly here. Please do share the show photos too!
ArtSparker said…
Beautiful painting, reminds me of the work of Judith Scott, an outsider artist who wrapped things - here's a link to a web site about her if you want to take a look
Alicia Tormey said…
Thanks for the link ArtSparker. This piece does remind me Judith Scotts style of work. I have always admired her art.