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Paper Dolls

November in Seattle means lots of rain, wind and fog… perfect conditions for hunkering down in the studio and playing with materials. I have been making paper dresses this week and dipping them into encaustic medium (bee’s wax & resin). Thought I would share my favorite dress here. I love the way the little hanger turned out too. The dress with hanger measures 10” tall by 6” wide. 


bridgette said…
hi alicia, this is absolutely beautiful! I love dipping paper in encaustic medium too. It just has such a lovely magical effect on paper.

I think these would sell well anywhere! Etsy can be hit or miss. Some people do great, some people tend to get lost in the mix. It also seems to me that people are looking for bargains. I really haven't put much time or effort into my shop, but I have had a few sales from there. And more importantly I have made some good connections there.

But you should try it out and see. It's not much of a financial investment- it's just the time to set up your shop. Good luck!
kim said…
This is absolutely beautiful! You should really try your hand at setting up an Etsy shop. This would make it to the front page in no time.
Raluca C said…
wow,woW,WOOW!!Such a beautiful piece!I hope it will bring you a big succes on ''etsy''!!I´ve spent some minutes here lost in admiration!!!Congrats!
Raynorshine said…
I think you should try Etsy.
I like your dress and I think others will too!

on Etsy
Wonderwoman said…
Beautiful technique! I live on Bainbridge Island and wonder if you teach classes around the Seattle area?