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Louder Than Words

I decided to share a few shots of this portrait I made during the 2004 elections because I feel it still has some significant political relevance. This piece was created with plastic toy soldiers, epoxy resin and acrylic paint and measures 16” x 16”. There are a few more pieces from this political series and one that relates to today’s financial crisis so I will post additional images soon. At the time I was creating this work I was feeling such deep sadness, frustration and hopelessness and I had to process all of that through the act of making art. I am so glad those days are over. Now I am wondering how to approach a portrait of Obama! I might create his likeness with wax and optimism.


Wiele said…
an awesome portrait. You'll find something for Obama :-)
Catnapping said…
linda took the words out of my keyboard - phenomenal.

this is genius.