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New Horizons

Now with the elections over we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and get down to the business of creating real change. I am back in the studio working on some new horizons of my own. At left is one of the paintings that resulted from my high contrast experiments that I mentioned last month. I was initially working with black and white and the piece evolved into this watery cascade of wax with some subtle blues and greens. Contrast is still at play here but not how I thought it would be when I began this piece.The painting is 48” x 12” so it is really tall and narrow which lends to the cascade effect. It will be on display this month at the Pacini Lubel gallery along with several other new paintings. I will post more images of new work soon.


Anonymous said…
This is quite beautiful.

I've only just begun to think about working with wax.

Can you recommend a good online class or resource??????
Lovely Linda said…
Wow, love your work. I am a beginner in the encaustic world but just love it. I see you wear a respirator when you work. Hard to get used to but probably safest way to go.
The watery effect that you get with the shellac is very interesting!
Lovely Linda said…
do you use the respirator all the time while you are working with the wax and torch? Is that because a lack of ventilation? I am struggling to ventilate properly but do have a respirator so perhaps that would be the solution.
Thanks for any input. also. how do you use the shellac to get the marbled effect?
Alicia Tormey said…
Hi Linda – Thank you for your comments. I do wear my respirator but probably not as often as I should. I wear it more when I am working on larger panels. I also keep my studio windows wide open with at least one fan going even in winter. I am still perfecting my signature shellac technique so stay tuned for that.