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Live @ Five Show Notes 6/1/18

Here are the show notes for the latest 
Instagram Live @ Five
Original Broadcast date: June 1, 2018

Thank you so much for watching Live @ Five! If you missed the show, here are some of the topics and questions I went over during the broadcast along with some links and images to go along with the information.

  • Where do I sign my artwork, how do I sign, and what is the best way to sign an encaustic painting?
    • Multiple options; on the back, on the side, or on the front by scarring and filling with oil or with carbon transfer paper or with some type of stamp.
    • Signature doesn’t have to be visible.
    • When you find a way that works best for you then stick with it and be consistent; sign all your work the same way (with a few exceptions).
    • I don’t like to sign the front because my signature is big, loopy, and graphic, so I usually sign it on the back with a sharpie, but not until I feel like the piece is ready to go out of the studio.
    • I add the year it was made and occasionally also the title of the piece.
    • Sometimes I will sign the side if the piece if it is going to be on display in a public space like a hotel lobby.

  • Do I use a stylus to create my controlled drips (aka “pearl drops”)?
    • Check out my Instagram highlights for a speed tutorial on this and for a full tutorial check out the Learn to Burn e-course.

  • Why do I use a torch and not a heat gun?
    • I get more versatility out of a torch because you can control the intensity of the flame.
  • Where do you get your color inspiration?
    • Nobody does color or color combinations better than Mother Nature. (flowers and fruit are great color sources)
  • Suggestions for attracting the right audience
    • Know who your audience is before worrying about how or where to reach them.
    • Homework: sit down and imagine in a very clear way who is going to be drawn to your artwork; what do they do, where do they live, etc.
    • Once you know who your audience is it is much easier to find them!
  • When is the podcast going to be released?

    • Creative Crush is in the works and will be released soon! (Early Summer 2018)
    • You can get a sneak peek over at 
    • I created a hotline just for you! Now you can call me directly with your burning questions, comments, or requests. 
    • Creative Crush Hotline is open: 206-880-0533
  • Many artists see my work and mistake it for an acrylic pour. Each week I field questions related to the acrylic pour process because it so closely resembles some of my techniques. I only work with encaustic so I am no authority when it comes to acrylic pours... but here are links to a few folks and their websites, Youtube channels, and Facebook groups (kindly provided by Live @ Five viewers) who can help you out.
  • Is there a specific type of clay you recommend that will work as a sculpture substrate?

    • Most of my sculptures are just wax without any substrate and this is what makes them super delicate.
    • If you are going to use clay, then make sure not to glaze it, glazed ceramic is sealed and your wax will just sit on top and not adhere to the substrate.
    • Whatever substrate you use, make sure it is rigid and absorbent.
  • Are collectors ever reticent about buying encaustic art
    • Yes, they are!
    • People hear the word “wax” when it comes to encaustic, and despite loving the painting, they are worried about it melting or being too fragile.
    • Your job as an encaustic artist is to educate collectors about the durability of your art.
    • Encaustic is really no more fragile or susceptible to damage than any other type of fine art.
    • Remember, encaustic is not just beeswax, it also has damar resinwhich elevates the overall melting temperature and makes the wax much more durable.

    • A good rule of thumb: Don’t leave an encaustic piece anywhere you wouldn’t leave a small child.
  • I want to spend a lot of time painting like you, what is the secret to making a living from art?
    • Tune in to the next Live @ Five as we dive into this topic!

Have more burning questions? Leave them in the comments below or send me an email. Thanks for reaching out, it’s always nice to hear from you!