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Workshop Highlights May 2011

Another great workshop wrapped up last weekend. My studio was filled with the creative energy of some very inspired and talented students.  Here are a few highlights from our weekend of wax...
Students from the latest workshop...
The "Gang" from left to right: Nichole, Betty, Chris and Ashley.

Gallery of student work! All this and more in just two days!

These are all from one very prolific student...great work Chris!

Nichole concentrating on her work.

Student work-in-progress.

Betty made the journey up from Las Vegas just for the workshop.

Encaustic painting by Betty.

Ashley was the master of  the image transfer technique.

Chris was an art makin' machine!

...more work from Chris 

Thanks everyone! It was a delight to have you all in my studio for this workshop!
For more information on my encaustic painting  workshops click here!


ZenDotStudio said…
Beautiful work! And it looks like so much fun? Is there a substantial odour involved in working with encaustics? I'd love to try one of your workshops but can't tolerate oil paint fumes and wonder if I could do this?
Alicia Tormey said…
That’s a good question ZenDotStudio. I would love to have you join us for a workshop. There are fumes but not the chemical odor usually associated with turpentine and oil paints. My studio is well ventilated and I keep fans running during my workshops but if you have a sensitivity to materials you may experience some while working with encaustic. I have also read that those who are highly allergic to bees can also experience more sensitivity because of the bees wax.
Susan Stayer said…
I recognize Nichole! We met briefly about five years ago. I love your photography, Nichole. And I'd love to see what you're up to with the encaustic, too.