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Opening Night

Trespassing opens tonight at the Pacini Lubel Gallery. Please come out and join me for an evening of art and creative conversation from 6pm to 8pm. The gallery is located in downtown Seattle in the arts district of Pioneer Square - Click here for directions. Hope to see you there and thank you for your support of the arts!

This recent collection of paintings is titled Trespassing: A Venture Beyond Boundaries. Generally speaking the word trespass has a negative definition but the context here is one of risk and adventure. Stepping beyond boundaries from the known to what has not yet been discovered is the underlying theme of this work. As a painter I enjoy taking risks and often find myself on the edge of a boundary between what I know will happen and the chance of ruining the artwork. I create my paintings with a small blowtorch and the flame often acts as my brush. The risk here is ever present as one wrong flash of the torch and months of work can be destroyed in seconds. That constant threat hovers as each piece evolves and reveals a unique story to me. As this latest group of paintings emerged I began to feel as though I was discovering a new pristine valley. This appeared to be a sacred place that had never been mapped or charted. I imagined myself the surveyor, the tourist, the witness peering into a lost and forbidden land. I found myself trespassing.
Emerald Shoal - Encaustic w/ mixed media - 48 x 48


Love your work!!! It looks wonderful displayed here!
Leovi said…
A very delicate and sublime composition.
Alicia Tormey said…
Thank you Jenn and Leovi!