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Bloom & Close

Thought I caught a glimpse of my future in this mesmerizing crystal ball. It appeared to be floating here while water seeped out from the top and created what I would call a thin skin of water around the sphere.The effect is hypnotizing. This and many other spectacles of nature are on display at the Northwest Flower & Garden show. What a great way to escape the winter chill and find some inspiration among the fragrant displays of spring flowers and fantasy gardens.

The image above is a living chandelier. Plants spiral down a trough-like frame that is lit from within. I give them credit for a great concept but I think it could have been better executed.

This glorious Japanese Maple specimen is over 100 years old and the soul essence of this tree is palpable when you are standing near it. I watched as passers-by stopped in their tracks and gasped with appreciation.

Toise - Encaustic on panel - 24 x 64
Reminder: There are only a couple days left to see the Trespassing show at the Pacini Lubel Gallery. Hope you can make it in before the show rotates out.

new work in progress
I am finishing up some new paintings in preparation for my next exhibition that opens in just a few weeks at Taste. I have been documenting my progress in the studio and will share some more preview images soon.