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What A Rush

Fearless! This is the single word I would use to describe the work of emerging painter, Richard Rush, whose artwork goes on display this month at the Gilman Contemporary. Rush’s large playful and abstracted compositions are often saturated with intense color and dotted with graffiti-like markings and figures. The details are tiny so you have to get up close to decipher the images that reveal his stories. This Idaho based painter works in multiple mediums and you can see the urban influences of his time spent living in New York and growing up in Chicago. His new works will be on display in a two person show featuring the landscapes of Abby Grosvenor, May 25th through June 25th at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Artist: Richard Rush
Richard Rush, a self-taught painter, creates works that are often dream-like, futuristic landscapes or scenes in which nature and technology are evolved and imagined. His work is an attempt to create a permanent record of a feeling that exists only in a moment, be it from a dream, a person or a place.

All of the images featured above were provided by Richard Rush. For more information visit his blog.


Barbara Dunshee said…
Thanks for the Richard Rush introduction Alicia!
Gaga said…
Yes, thanks. Interesting work.
ZenDotStudio said…
I love these surprising, fresh works. Thanks for the intro. I am heading over to his blog right now. Ah, this is what I love about the blog world, always so many inspiring things to discover.