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Play May

Work continues to flow in the studio for my upcoming solo show this July but all work and no play makes for some dull dinner conversations. So…here’s one of the playful distractions I have discovered when I am in need of a little break. Ever wonder what your artwork would look like in a museum exhibition? Well now you can see your work displayed larger than life and presented in a world class museum setting. This entertaining software lets you upload your images and superimpose them into a museum or gallery setting and the results are really fun and inspiring. This is a great tool to visualize your work in a new environment. Check it out at
Is this fun or what?
Below is a triptych I am working on for my show. The three panels will be tiled into a single frame to make one long image. There will be several similar abstract landscape pieces like this in my "Forces of Nature" show.The exhibition opens July 2nd at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley Idaho and runs through August 1st. My work is also still on display at the Alexis Hotel until August 3rd.

Mixing oil paints to work into the surface
 Photo credit: Ann Darling 2010

Detail from Tangerine Tide -Triptych, 24 x 64 , encaustic, oil, shellac 2010
Photo credit: Ann Darling 2010

Tangerine Tide in progress - Triptych, 24 x 64 ,encaustic, oil, shellac 2010
Photo credit: Ann Darling 2010


Momo Luna said…
Yes, i know this. It's fun indeed. :-) Great to see what you're working on and the process.
Marie-Aimée said…
it's really great to see your work process
Joyce Gehl said…
what a fun fun link to! thanks for posting this. And, I can't WAIT to see your new work for Gilman. It looks like it's coming along splendidly. Good luck during crunch month!