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Good Intentions


Spotlight - featured emerging artist - Barbara Dunshee
Prince Heap 2006 - porcelain, oxides, milk paint

The Studio - January 1, 2010 -  filled with works-in-progress.

A friend and I were talking about the New Year and the tradition of making resolutions. Instead of making resolutions for change my friend is going to state her intentions for the new year ahead. I like that idea so much that I am making my own list of intentions for 2010.

In 2010 I intend to be very productive.
I have one of my busiest art schedules ever this year and I welcome all the wonderful opportunities that have opened up for me. I have a solo show in July at the Gilman Contemporary and I will be participating in several group shows and working on commissions over the next twelve months.

The Alexis Hotel in Seattle will feature my work from 4/1 to 8/3 2010

I will have work on display in the Alexis Hotel in Seattle from April 1st to August 3rd in a show curated by Barbara Shaiman, Director of the Seattle Art Museum Gallery and Curator for the Alexis Hotel.  Once the work is up I will post some installation photos.

Barbara Dunshee, Doughboy & Marshmallow Princess- porcelain, oxides milk paint
In 2010 I intend to encourage and support the work of emerging artists.
Starting with a few new blog features this month. The first I call SPOTLIGHT . Here I will showcase the work of an emerging artist who has caught my attention. Beginning with ceramic artist Barbara Dunshee - Coming Soon - Look for the sidebar feature titled SPOTLIGHT for more information about Barbara and her work. Also beginning this month will be another new blog feature, The Hot Wire -where artists can post links to their websites, galleries, blogs, show announcements and other art related news – If you would like to contribute a listing to The Hot Wire please email your link with information to: and it will be posted to the new listings. I also intend to continue my Pay It Forward program so stay tuned for highlights from my growing art collection.

A real work-in-progress.

In 2010 I intend to be my best self in each moment and endeavor.
As I continue to devote my energies to my artistic practices this year I intend to focus on achieving a higher state of awareness and knowing well that part of me that is the most authentic. Making art touches me on so many levels: it is my profession and my daily meditation. It fills me up, it wipes me out, it challenges me and it thrills me. Creating art is the mechanism through which I am evolving. Through my daily studio practice I am becoming my truest and best self.

I am wishing you all a year of positive transformation and may all your good intentions be realized. Be well and creative in 2010.


Janet said…
Thank you for introducing me to Barbara's work - I got one of her small faces from her recent show. I love it and want to get more in the future.

Waiting to see your new gems!

What beautiful intentions for 2010! I'll attend the opening of your solo show at Gilman Contemporary if at all possible! We are works in progress, and such fun work it is. Wishing you a Fresh New Year Alica.
Jeane said…
Happy New Year Alicia! this ceramic mask is absolutely stunning - thanks for the introduction to this amazing artist - 2010 sounds like a wonderful unfolding journey for you - one of my goals is to actually meet you in person this year :))
bridgette said…
Happy new year Alicia! Looking forward to seeing your work unfold this year. Congratulations on all the accomplishments of 2009!
layers said…
Yes, I am going to change my word 'resolutions' to intentions--- sounds more definite. looks like you are going to have a busy but successful 2010-- I am going to try and make it to one of your openings.
shopgirl said…
I just found your blog and it's beautiful and inspiring. I especially like your current work in progress painting.

Thank you for sharing!
I found your blog somehow yesterday, and kept it on my computer so I could look at it today... first i love your studio... and then your words about your art, especially being your "meditation" Your work as well is very moving. thanks, roxanne
ZenDotStudio said…
What wonderful generous, inspiring intentions. There is something softer and kinder in the word "intention." Resolution has a slightly business like aggression to it, I think it. On another blog someone commented that in the old style new year's resolution, it's like we're trying to fix something we don't like about ourselves.
Intention doesn't seem to have that quality.
Alicia Tormey said…
I must say that I am deeply touched by all of your kind, complimentary and supportive comments. Just added to my list for 2010: I intend to meet as many of you in person as possible this year. Cheers and Thank You! - Alicia
Gaga said…
Intentions - yes, I like it. And aren't we all searching for authenticity? Every day and in all we do - especially our art? When we aren't authentic, we, at some level, know it. And that knowledge brings dissatisfaction, I think. Let's hope we can all find satisfaction in our art this year and through it evolve in positive ways.

Thanks for your reflections.

Puddleduck said…
What an uplifing post! Your wishes for 2010 are just wonderful! I too believe we create our lives and our selves; they are constant works in progress. Best wishes for your creative unfolding, Sandi