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Northwest Art

Margie Livingston, Folded Painting Small 2009 - Greg Kucera Gallery

Last week I trekked out to soak up some area art shows and here are a few highlights. Starting with one of the bright spots from the 1st Thursday gallery walk : Margie Livingston at the Greg Kucera Gallery. The exhibit is titled Riff – New Paintings, and features a mix of 2d and 3d works. In some of her pieces Livingston removes the sub-straight entirely: no canvas, no paper and no wood to support her paintings – just pure paint as in this piece above titled Folded Painting. Not to take away from her works on canvas that are very captivating and when seen with her “paint sculptures” they take on a new depth. She started creating 3d objects to inform her paintings and now has come full circle with the paintings becoming three dimensional objects. The show runs until December 24th.

Margie Livingston, Folded Painting Big 2009 - Greg Kucera Gallery

Margie Livingston, Paint Line 2009 - Greg Kucera Gallery

Margie Livingston, Turn Over 2009 Oil on canvas 30" x 22"
Greg Kucera Gallery

Another exhibition at the top of my "must see" list is A Concise History of Northwest Art at the Tacoma Art Museum. Many of the exhibition works are not featured on the museum website including my two favorite pieces in the show: Release the Sun, 1990–91 a multi panel piece by James Lavadour and Carl Morris’s Mountain Echo, 1955. The piece below is by Jeffery Simmons and is featured in this exciting show that runs until May 23, 2010. Well worth a visit!

Jeffery Simmons, Eulalia 1998, oil and alkyd on linen 52.5" x 46.5"
Tacoma Art Museum


Momo Luna said…
The art of Margie Livingstone is great! I like it very much. Thank you for posting, i didn't knew her work.
layers said…
All candy to my eyes-- such color and textures and even a few artists I had not seen for awhile..