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Dressed for the Season

The Christmas Dress 2009
It’s a tradition in our home to celebrate the season in an unconventional way. This year instead of a tree we setup a Christmas Dress. It’s an old mannequin that I transformed into a holiday gown with evergreens, ornaments and feathers.

Another tradition in our neighborhood is the parade of Christmas boats – I love seeing the lights reflected on the water and they play holiday music that echoes out over the Puget Sound. It really put me in the spirit.

I'll be spending my holidays painting in the studio so I will post some images of new work soon. Until then I am wishing you all Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year.


layers said…
how different and unconventional-- but very creative and unique-- reminds me a little of a hula dancer-- all my family is in Hawaii so my mind might be there right now.
happy holidays to you.
Jeane said…
Merry Christmas Alicia - love your Christmas Dress - the Christmas boats are wonderful - we took our children for several years when they were young :)
Liv Sørvaag said…
So nice !

Whish you a Merry Christmas ,from Norway...and a happy new year..

Best from Liv
fab! have a wonderful holidays!
I have never seen anything like that!!!! so cool! Happy New Year to you! Love your artwork.
David Lorell said…
We need to do something like that next Christmas... You'd think as an artist myself, I'd have committed a similar unconventionally creative Yule-tide act already.
Beautiful dress... have you worn it yet?
Alicia Tormey said…
Thank you all for commenting - Hope your holidays were festive!