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Rivers of Paint

summer painting class with Mark Miller

Detail from pod painting

Detail from flower painting

Detail from abstract floral

Pods - 2008 36" x 40" -mixed media on canvas

Abstracted Flower 2008 - 32" x 32" mixed media on canvas

Summer painting class - work in progress 1Summer painting class - work in progress 2

Here are a few photos from the experimental painting class I've been "playing" in this summer. The class is lead by Seattle painter, Mark Takamichi Miller, check out his art at We are working in his studio that's housed in a funky old Boeing warehouse in Seattle. I can just imagine the place filled with Rosie's riveting planes during the WWII era. It's a great space to work in and the class has been creatively freeing for me as a painter. Just river's of paint with no rules to follow and really fun. I'll be in this class for another 4 weeks so I hope to have more images to post soon.