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New Paintings

I am in the studio every day now working towards my next show in Sun Valley, Idaho. I’ve been creating large encaustic panels that are really luscious with tons of wax - I will post a few highlights from this body of work when it’s complete. The show runs August 28 to Sept.30 at the Gilman Contemporary. In the mean time, I have a new painting up at the Pacini Lubel Gallery in Seattle along with several older works. The Piece is called Boundaries (see image at left) and now that it's out of my studio I miss it. Pacini Lubel Gallery is having a group show opening August 7th and I should have some additional new work included in that.
For a bit of playful distraction I have been taking an experimental painting class once a week in an old Boeing warehouse in Seattle– It’s been really fun, chaotic and messy and has allowed me to stretch as an artist. I will post a few images and more details from the class next week.


artslice said…
Oh, this looks like so much fun! What a great space and the large paintings on the floor... it's inspiring! Love your sea-inspired work.