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Show Notes

Here are the show notes from the

Instagram Live @ Five 

Original Broadcast Date: May 18, 2018
Additional links and resources to the topics covered on the most recent LIVE show are listed here.


Art Collectors  
Where to find collectors...
Check out this documentary on some unlikely art collectors. Remember...everyone you know is a potential art collector.

Opportunities For Submitting Your Artwork

Here's a resource for finding Calls for Art submissions:
Build up your show resume by participating in exhibitions.

Shellac - What kind of shellac do you use? 
This is the product I use...
and this is available in the hardware store.

Amber & Clear shellac. I mostly stick to using the AMBER option for the best results.

Shellac has an expiration date!

Shellac has a shelf life of 3 years in an unopened can.

A shelf life of 8 months once you open the can.

A studio life of 5 to 7 days after poured out into a container and repeatedly exposed to air. 

Here’s how to determine the year your shellac was manufactured:  

Each can of shellac has a Lot# printed on the lid. (See photo above) Generally the Lot# will start with the letter “S” followed by a series of numbers like the one pictured above. The first number to appear indicates the year your shellac was produced. The lot number in the photo sample shows that this was made in 2016. A number 7 would mean 2017 and a number 8 would indicate 2018. The year indicated will be within a recent 3 year span so we know by this sample that the lot number shown in the photo is indicating 2016 and not 2006

You’ll know it’s time to replace your shellac when it is not drying or burning properly and may have a strange odor. 

For in-depth instruction on how I use shellac in my own process check the 

Learn To Burn online course.

Pigments - 
What kind and where to purchase?  
I use dry pigments to make colored shellac paint.
Heres a link: where to purchase pigments and 
( this is a curated affiliate page on Amazon to the products I use )

Encaustic Process - Where can I learn more?

Thank you for your interest in my process. If you want to learn exactly how I crate my artwork I created an online course that teaches you all of my encaustic painting techniques. Check out the Learn To Burn course here:

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