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Sojourn: A Temporary Stay

Please join me this Friday, October 2nd for the opening of my solo show: SOJOURNS

Opening Reception: Friday Oct 2 from 5pm - 9pm
Hall | Spassov Gallery
Bellevue WA
Click here for gallery directions and info 

Here's a little preview of the works that will be on display …

Alicia Tormey - Daydreamer  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 20 x 30 

Alicia Tormey - Carnivore  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 12 x 12
Alicia Tormey - Grace  2015- Encaustic w mixed media - 48 x 36
Alicia Tormey - Dreamscape  2015- Encaustic w mixed media -12 x 12


Carol said…

I love your work. When you say Encaustic with mixed media, what other media are you using?

Alicia Tormey said…
Hi Carol: Thank you for your comment. The other media I use is shellac and oil paints.